Contract Outworker

We need someone who can start immediately to (1) post pre-written articles into a WordPress blog on a contract basis and (2) edit sound files of interviews to clean up the ums and aahs. 
We would prefer someone who already has the skills, but if necessary we will train you using Skype and email.  You do not have to write the articles, but sometimes you may have to edit them a little.  You work from your own premises or wherever you choose. Yes we can easily go to Upwork or Fiverr for this, and probably cheaper, but we want to give a Ni-Van a go.
Skills you need:
Basic computer literacy, and good English literacy.  Attention to detail is important.
You also need:
The successful contractor will have a fairly modern computer, reasonably good internet connection, Skype, somewhere quiet to work, and preferably a bank account to receive payment in vatu.
The articles are paid at 300 vatu each, and the audio at 300 vatu/hour spent doing it.  Our previous outworker used to do 3-4 articles an hour, and it would take them 3 hours to edit the typical weekly interview.
Your computer and internet connection should both be reliable, and with enough spare space to install one free graphics programme (GIMP) that you will need to optimise the images for the articles, and the free Audacity to edit the sound files.  The only other software you need is a browser (We prefer Google Chrome or Firefox or Waterfox).
If you have an aptitude for this kind of work, it can be expanded into learning how to build websites fro scratch.
Do not phone please.  You will be showing us that you can not follow instructions!
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