AppsApps – small programs or “application” that run on mobile devices.  Some people have made millions with them.  Certainly as a tool for business they are supreme – always in your customers’ pocket.  Can be updated automatically without the user having to do anything.  Always display your current prices, special offers etc.

Typically apps cost many thousands of dollars to develop, but try us – you will be VERY pleasantly surprised!

We can turn your website into an app (a “WebApp, which although it’s a cheaper solution it’s not a “real” app)… or…

We  set up REAL Apps for you – both Android and iOS.

Here’s what the developers of our current offering based on this fantastically powerful and popular framework say…


Lets you run your business right from your mobile phone — record, upload, distribute, & even sell (via in-app purchases) content in a way customers & clients love to consume and buy from.


Capture your new app followers onto an email list you can export & that you own — follow up with them via email & push notifications directly to their mobile devices whenever you add new content, sell them an offer, or want to communicate with them.


Integrates with your current CRM, email list, and back-end marketing via Zapier — which lets you integrate with over 2,000,000 other apps, including just about any CRM.


Sell content via the Apple or Google Play stores via in-app purchases — including your digital courses, videos, audio books, PDFs, and digital subscription offers — directly in your app.


Thwart content pirates & hackers — it’s hard to steal content contained in a secure app like this framework, unlike a WordPress or web-based content platform. All of which makes you an extremely unattractive target for hackers and other privacy criminals.


World-building and business culture-creation is “built-in” — your app is YOUR world, your media platform, domain, & kingdom… filled with your branding, your personality, and your rules, values, & the culture into which you want to assimilate your clients & customers. When people download and follow you in your app, you get to isolate, engage with, and communicate with them without the endless distractions, annoying 3rd party ads & commercials, and corrupt privacy-plundering antics of big social media platforms.


Be perceived as a leader instead of a mere “expert” — possessing your own media platform like this means you are far more likely to be perceived and followed as a LEADER, and not just another thirsty “expert” in a sea of other thirsty experts all pounding their chests on social media. Being perceived as a leader means people are more likely to trust you, buy from you, hire you, take your advice, consume your content, and use what you teach with far less resistance.


Grants your business more prestige & professionalism — having your own classy, elegant, & uniquely branded mobile app lets you almost instantly stand out in a saturated marketplace. Show it to your colleagues, peers, customers, clients, and leads to automatically set you apart from everyone else who merely has a “website” or amateur-looking desktop-based app that can’t do even a fraction of the tasks ours does. This can potentially add a thick layer of newfound respect, status, & exclusivity to your business. It can also position your brand on a whole different level from your competitors.


Designed for extreme simplicity & user-friendliness — for both you and your followers, and is based on the work of brilliant software engineers who get paid small fortunes by the military and billion dollar tech companies to make using advanced technology as simple as playing a game on your phone


Fire your VA and eliminate outsourcing with our “one and done” suite of features — no more outsourcing your business to an overworked VA servicing 30 other clients who pay her a dollar fifty more per hour than you do. No more wasting years of your life “frankensteining” together various website apps & shopping carts. No more dealing with bandwidth issues, or haggling with draconian social media de-platforming & ranking gimmicks. No more having to screw around configuring merchant accounts to sell digital products or keeping up with an endless string of website security patches, plugins, and updates. No more frustration from figuring out how to host your content on a dozen different clouds & video/audio hosting platforms… and the list goes on.  Eliminate all that in one, simple & secure interface, and via “push button easy” content creation & distribution right to your audiences’ phones — where they overwhelmingly PREFER consuming & buying digital content today.


Be “omnipresent” in your followers’ lives — wherever they go, there you are, on their phones, not relying on them being tethered to their desks… bringing you & your business with them everywhere in the palm of their hands, and potentially being a constant 24/7 presence in their lives.


Extreme new levels of engagement — the #1 rule of marketing is go where your customers are and be in front of a moving parade. The average person touches their mobile phone 2,617 times per DAY. They are always within 3 feet of their phones, even when eating, driving, traveling, exercising, dressing, shopping, waiting for appointments, sleeping, or while in the bathroom. That’s why 70%+ of digital content is consumed on a phone. And 92% of the time people are on their phone they are in an app.  Being where your customers are, in a way they prefer to engage with and buy from, means building long-lasting customer & client relationships so strong people could very well do business with you “sight unseen” — far more likely to want to buy from you or hire you before even thinking of choosing anyone else.


Be an early “Web 3.0” adopter before your competition — the majority of offline businesses fought the internet tooth and nail before eventually having no choice but to go online or die. We believe businesses who plunge head first into the emerging new Web 3.0 (i.e., mobile apps) environment can quickly have the same type of competitive advantage early Web 1.0 users had when they got ranked high in search & positioned as early authorities just being on there first. Like it or not, want it or not, think it fair or not… we believe apps are the new websites. And if that’s true, then the earlier you get in, the more superior marketplace positioning you can seize before anyone else.


No long terms contracts or setup fees* — with a low monthly price you are “locked in” at the second you buy. That means no matter how high the price goes later, or what new features are added, your price is fixed. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.)


* No fees for “Do-It-Yourself.”  If we have a “Done-For-You” or “Done-With-You” arrangement there will be fees for that.

So: a “REAL” grown-up App!

Delay not – call us with voicemail now or use our contact form on this page.

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