Where it all started for us, back in 1996!

Where it all started for us, back in 1996!

There is probably no greater confusion in the new website owner’s mind than the subject of Web Development. It comes anywhere from free to tens of thousands of dollars (over a hundred thousand for some large government sites).

Our philosophy since 1996 has been that a website’s primary function is to make its owners a profit. Image is important, yes, but the bottom line is that it has to work for you, not the other way around. So the main thing we concentrate on is MARKETING.

We can and often have designed web sites from scratch, but we focus on ROI. This means we will most likely suggest a template that fits your company’s “look and feel” but also heads straight to the objective of enhancing the company’s bottom line. So when we take on a project for you, it will be constructed quickly and well. Many times using a template means you also save thousands of dollars over the “build it from scratch” approach.

You have heard the horror stories of the cheapo web developer who has been a year or more on the site but hasn’t finished it yet! As hosts we get clients begging us to take over stalled projects. A lot.

A better idea is to ask us first!

You may be surprised how quickly and cost-effectively we can make over your site, with all the modern bells and whistles. Yes, we will create a parallel mobile website optimised for smartphones and tablets as well. All the great stuff you can find out more about by visiting our Mobile Websites page. With Social Media links, the kind of video search engines like, etc etc. Like I said: all the modern bells and whistles to increase sales from day one of the release of your new site.

Let’s see now: that would include email campaigns, SMS (text message) campaigns, fax campaigns (yes fax still works, quite well in fact), coupons, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc etc. Don’t confuse or frustrate yourself – just give us a call and we’ll handle all the techy stuff for you, plus make intelligent suggestions on how best to USE all these to increase sales. And hold your hand while it gets going – beyond that too if you want.

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