Referral Programme

referrer:a person who sends or directs someone to an expert or specialist for consideration.

We are expanding, and we’d like our current supporters to benefit too!

Existing clients of Absolute Virtual are invited to refer others to our digital marketing services.  Web development, Hosting, Domains, Marketing Campaigns (any digital media), Copywriting, Android and iPhone Apps, etc.*

Your business associates and others you may know need our services too.  You tell them about us, and if they are interested to learn more, you enter your and their details below.

We contact them, mentioning that you asked us to do so.  We explain how our services can benefit them.  When they come on board we pay you 30% of every invoice we create for them for a full 90 days starting from the day you refer them.  Even if we receive payment after the 90 days, as long as the invoice is dated within that period we will forward 30% to you when we receive their payment.

Full transparency: When you use the form below you will receive an email with the details you entered so you can keep track of the people you have referred.

Just think, refer three new clients for websites and your next new site is almost paid for!

* Our Non-Digital Services such as Vanuatu Citizenship or Permanent Residency, Company Setup, Investment Consultation, Property and Business sales, are not “digital marketing” and are therefore not included in this offer.  We may however pay you a referral fee in connection with these services, but please approach us first as we need to sort it on a case-by-case basis.

For a Learnistic App, the referral payment is based on the amount spent with us to develop and set up their app, LESS the Learnistic fees. (Currently only US$150/month, but could go up at any time)

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