Online Marketing is a wide field. What we have already been doing for our international clients includes Google Adwords Campaigns, Facebook Advertising campaigns, other Social Media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest campaigns, Email marketing, Webinar marketing, Press Releases, etc. and supported by websites, landing pages, Video Sales Letters, Podcasting, etc. Each of these items requires specialist knowledge, and we have employees and associates who are trained in all of them.

Telemarketing, at least the way we do it, involves calling prospects who have been located with one of the above methods, and selling them on the client’s (that is, YOUR) products and services. This work requires a different kind of person to the above, one with people skills and a clear English-speaking or French-speaking voice that is easily understood by your American, Australian, British or French prospects. As English and French are two of the three official languages of Vanuatu, you will be happy to know we can supply exactly that for you.

Compared to other 3rd-world countries Vanuatu is a very desirable destination for investor funds due to it’s progressiveness and stability, backed by the Westminster-style of Government and Law, and the fact that English and French are two of the official languages. This is our ‘edge’ over those competitors.  So whether you are a Vanuatu company or an International one, we help increase your sales.

These services are provided from Vanuatu to our clients across the world, via the internet and VOIP telephony.

Experience has shown that new internet technologies arrive at a rapid rate, and our small nimble team learns to use them for your benefit as they become mainstream — even before they become mainstream — so we can ‘ride the wave’ of successive online marketing methodology.

Call +61 7 3040 9977 to be connected with our Port Vila, Vanuatu headquarters.  Or write to admin@av.vu

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