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You've come here about one of three things...
  1. A “Real” App for your business
  2. Your Web Presence
  3. Geographical Diversification


Let’s talk about #1 for a moment,
A “Real” App for your business

For those consuming information, websites are no longer the delivery method of choice.  Yes, they have their place, as bicycles continue to have a place even long after the invention of the automobile.

However today, people want to consume information on their mobile phone.  It’s always with them, always on, and and studies show the average person touches their phone nearly 3,000 times a day!

In order to adapt to this reality, many businesses have attempted to follow their customers to their phones by turning to Social Media.  Sadly however, you do NOT own your content (read their fine print!) and every day businesses are shut down and locked out of their Social Media accounts for the most frivolous of reasons.

You need a mobile platform where YOU own the content.

It means if you are one of the few businesses who delivers and sells your content in a legitimate mobile app (and not just a “mobile optimized” site or a cheaply made desktop app pretending to be a mobile app)… where your clients & customers already are, and where they prefer to consume and pay for content… you automatically have a huge, “built-in” advantage over all the businesses who don’t have a mobile app. Much like early website adopters had a huge built-in advantage over businesses who did not have a website.

  •  70%+ of all digital content is now consumed on mobile phones
  • A whopping 92% of the time spent on a phone is in an app, NOT in a web browser

My research has uncovered an amazing framework that creates a $100,000-style app for a low monthly payment and no locked-in contract.

I am not talking about a “web app” that is just a mobile-optimised website.  I mean a proper iPhone and Android app that includes notifications to the phone, SMS, video, audio, and (soon) integrated email and a social media component, etc.  In other words, a way to run your business from the palm of your hand, and to put yourself and your products/services in the palm of all your clients.

To quote the developer of this framework:  “I also want to give your business and your brand built-in prestige, class, and credibility, while your competition is running around spending a fortune on some amateur-looking, trend-chasing, guru-created, Low IQ cheeseball app that wasn’t designed for mobile phones (where your people are always within 3-feet of, and touching it literally thousands of times per day) — and that don’t do half the tasks, yet cost ten times as much, if not more.

This mobile app framework is: “Designed from the “ground up” to let coaches, info-marketers, podcasters, business professionals, freelancers, membership site/digital subscription offer sellers, and other solo entrepreneurs run a fully automated online business right from your phone — while getting rabid new levels of content engagement and being able to focus on your business passion each day… instead of wasting your life babysitting VAs, relying on big tech platforms hostile to small businesses, or having to employ a small village in the Philippines to run your company.

Currently the cost for the platform framework is US$150/month (around A$200).   There’s a strict “no price raises” policy on current clients.

That means, whatever the monthly price is when you start paying for it, you get that price forever as long as you remain, as well as getting access to all future features at that same monthly price.  It will always go up over time as more features are added.  That means the sooner you join us, the more you save.

Eventually this means no need of email services like MailChimp, aWeber, or SMS services like Twilio, so there is a considerable savings that can be used to offset the cost, and in some cases it could be cheaper.

There are no setup fees for the platform itself, and no long-term contract.  (Of course if you want me to set it up for you obviously there will be fees)

I am licencing this app for my clients and building them out, either…

Done-For-You — I do it all, including graphics, copy, images, video editing, audio editing, or…

Done-With-You — you supply the content and I organise it in the app and hand it over for you to manage from there.

Then Maintain it yourself or we Maintain it for you – your choice.

If a business is going to have an app, that app should fully integrate with your back end & front end marketing, too. It’s pointless to build an app and just have it sitting there on an island.  This framework integrates marketing, business and technology — not just another “me-too” platform.  So I connect it to your CRM or website or shopping cart, using Zapier so it is fully integrated into your contacts, sales stats, etc.

To talk to me about it, and see a demo in action, press this button.

A “Real” grown-up App for your business:

Hundreds of providers will sell you a cheap “Web App” and pass it off as a “Real” app.  Bah!

We will create an app for you that allows you to run your business from the palm of your hand.  And it won’t cost anywhere near $100,000 which is normal for this kind of app.

Your Web presence:

Designing, creating, maintaining and hosting your websites since 1998. (Lockyer Internet, Eservers, Fair Go Communications )

Domains, email solutions.

Dedicated mobile websites for your entire business or just one property, great for agents.

 All kinds of other web stuff you’ve never heard of.

Geographical Diversification:

Supporting a move for yourself, your investments, your business or your privacy, to Paradise Vanuatu.
What’s YOUR “Plan B” like?
Does it include ethical income-tax-free investments?
Second passport or residency?

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